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Photo courtesy of RoomEscape Los Angeles, Facebook
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There’s something eerily satisfying about ransacking a room for clues, solving puzzles, deciphering keys, and working as a team to achieve an ultimate goal. To provide groups of beginners and sleuths alike hours of entertainment, escape room destinations have become more creative, tech-forward and sophisticated than ever.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best escape rooms available in Los Angeles. The themes run the gamut - from horror to mystery, bank heists to virtual reality. No matter what the theme, you’ll need to bring your best teamwork sleuthing skills to get you and your group out of the room!


Wizards Workshop 60out Escape Rooms
Wizards Workshop | Photo courtesy of 60out, Facebook

Formerly called Escape Key, the rooms at 60out in West L.A. (other locations in Hollywood, Melrose and Marina del Rey) feature a game master/magician that stays in play throughout your hour to keep you clued in and entertained. As such, the idea is to have as much fun as possible during your visit - there's even a half-hour of magic preceding your hour of escaping. The sets are fun and creative with unusual moving parts and not your usual lock-combo decoding tasks.

Enigma Escape Rooms

Apartment 205 at Enigma Escape Rooms
Apartment 205 | Photo courtesy of Enigma Escape Rooms

Enigma Escape Rooms does a great job incorporating technology as well as integrating a variety of storylines into their elaborate sets. There are a total of five rooms, with a variety of gadgetry, technology and, sometimes, an actor. The puzzles are known to be somewhat challenging, but overall the aim is to provide their guests with a load of fun with attention paid towards creative production.

Escape Hotel Hollywood

Room 1986: Zombie at Escape Hotel Hollywood
Room 1986: Zombie | Photo courtesy of Escape Hotel Hollywood, Facebook

The lobby of Escape Hotel Hollywood, a new escape room destination on Hollywood Boulevard, definitely gives off that haunted hotel vibe, and the employees definitely fit right in with their garb and makeup. The rooms themselves set up the appropriate mood for your adventure thanks to their good production value. If you’re going for the horror factor, Daycare will fit right in. Witchcraft has a good sequence of puzzles to help you escape getting burned at the stake but also intrigue you to the end.

Maze Rooms

Spy safe house in Secret Mission at Maze Rooms Los Angeles
Spy safe house in Secret Mission | Photo courtesy of Maze Rooms, Facebook

The multi-location Maze Rooms has something - and all challenge levels - for everyone, including a Virtual Reality option that's set in the cosmos. Escape room veterans can go for the “impossible” level rooms (with success rates of 11%) if they dare. Maze Rooms seems geared for return visitors and escape fanatics, as they have a dozen different rooms and a handful more “coming soon.”


Cold Bunker at RoomEscape Los Angeles
Cold Bunker | Photo courtesy of RoomEscape Los Angeles, Facebook

There’s nothing like trying to bust into a bank or out of a prison, or perhaps saving the world from nuclear war or zombies like at RoomEscape. It’s an action-packed destination located on Sunset Boulevard. The room and game design are both well done, with the Cold War Bunker conducive to large groups. These rooms aren’t meant to scare, just challenge - and should your group get out, we can call it “mission accomplished.”

Trap House

Trap House at Think Tank Gallery
Trap House | Photo courtesy of Think Tank Gallery, Facebook

Trap House is a half-hour, temporary escape room by Think Tank Gallery that's perfect for creative types, as the designers have intended the room to incorporate the participants as art. Horrific stories of human trafficking and organ harvesting put you at the center while bringing attention to a global problem. And as you are art, be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

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